Bernd Neugebauer Lecture – Why forest for Urbanist?

Moderated talk and exchange of views with the sustainable forestry expert Bernd Neugebauer (Yucatan). We are looking for answers:- Forest and human brain. What is a forest?
– Forest and community. If we were a forest? – Why forest for urbanist? – Sustainable view on forest. Forest cities. – If trees would talk …
Bernd Neugebauer is an expert on sustainable forestry and silviculture with example praxis experience. He is one of the very few people in the world who has been able to restore a rain forest in Yucatan peninsula – that took him only 15 years whereas ecologists told him that it will take 600. Over 5 generations his family has planted more than 3 trillion trees in Germany alone. His family is one of the reasons Germany could rebuild its forests quickly after two devastating wars. Since 1992 Bernd has been developing organic initiatives in Yucatán peninsula, Mexico, re-establishing traditional Mayan ways and means for the younger generations. He has created a community based permaculture forest farm and learning centre Chan Ka Vergel.
Bernd shares his long-time experience and knowledge on how to create and manage forest and develop the synergy between humans and forest that would teach us to see forest behind the trees and build a new human-forest relationships as the guardians and healers of the forest. The aim is real sustainability, based on the abundant use of local resources and diversity. We are creating a room for inspiration and ampliative discussion in order to build an informational bridge between the world and local community.

  1. Neugebauer-Tallinn-University-Lecture-21.11.2018 26:38
  2. Bernd Neugebauer 25.08.2019 Forest Protectors Summer Camp Estonia Metsaraadio 1:34:33
  3. Bernd Neugebauer 25.08.2019 Forest Protectors Summer Camp Estonia - Part 2 Bernd Neugebauer 2:14:59
  4. Bernd Neugebauer - Why urbanist needs forest? Bernd Neugebauer 2:12:00
  5. Bernd Neugebauer interview by Indrek Vainu 26.11.2018 Indrek Vainu 1:08:01